During the Civil War, Cartagena was one of the cities that suffered most from the bombings carried out by Franco’s air force. In order to protect the population, a series of air-raid shelters were built throughout the city. The shelters in Calle Gisbert were dug into the hillside of the Concepción hill, one of the largest in the city, capable of sheltering some 5,500 people. The exhibition tour through the galleries immerses us in such diverse aspects of the civil war as: the construction of shelters and their typologies, the problems of supply with the consequent use of the rationing card, education or leisure, and the need for a defence of the population (passive defence), as well as a military response (active defence). The exhibition culminates with original images of the war taken from the Spanish Film Library, the archives of Catalonia and the Region of Murcia and a tribute to peace as an essential value of coexistence.

Access to the refuge-museum is via the 45-metre high panoramic lift tower.

Special prices for groups: consult with Navantia Customer Service.

Calle Gisbert 10, Cartagena
(0034) 968 500 093
museo refugio guerra civil

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