Excavations in 2008 and 2009 on the southern slope of the Molinete hill brought to light a complete block of Roman Cartagena. It consisted of two buildings: a thermal complex from the 1st century AD and a building used for religious banquets, the atrium building, dating from the end of the 1st century BC.

The remains include, due to their good state of preservation, the pictorial cycles that decorated the banqueting halls of the atrium building and the opus spicatum floor – bricks arranged in a herringbone pattern – of the peristyle or porticoed square, a space that served as an entrance to the baths. Similarly, walls up to four metres high and the reconstruction or anastylosis of some of the columns of the atrium building and the peristyle of the baths can also be seen.

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Calle Honda, 11, Cartagena

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