Navantia Yachts website has acquired the commitment to guarantee the accessibility of its contents to every user, independently of its physical, cognitive or technological capacities. has been adapted on the basis of the guidelines of accessibility to the contents provided by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) organism created by the W3C (Web World Wide Consortium), to report, investigate and promote the work in the Web accessibility.

The WAI has established three levels of accessibility, “A”, double “A” and triple “A” reaching every level with the fulfillment of certain guidelines. Navantia noticed as initial aim to fulfill the level “A” of accessibility.

The keys of accessibility in different web browsers are:

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If you find some kind of difficulty during your visit due to accessibility problems, please inform us. As well, we encourage you to send us any suggestion you might consider. Your personal experience can be an important contribution to the progressive improvement of the website.