While no longer a requirement to submit a formal Risk Assessment to the Flag State for a vessel to navigate primarily on an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), MGN 285 strongly recommends a risk assessment is conducted and held on board when vessels are looking to transition to primary means of navigation by electronic means. Additionally vessels need to develop and implement new operating procedures, Captains need to update Standing Orders and management companies should be involved in amendments to the ISM manual when a vessel makes the transition to navigate on ECDIS. As experienced mariners with years of development of procedures and operating of ECDIS we have created a tailored package which will:

– Discuss and generate a bespoke ECDIS risk assessment for the vessel.

– Development and implementation of bridge procedures and checkoff cards.

– Liaise with the management company for the amendments to the ISM manual in matters relating to ECDIS.

– Work with the Captain to review and recommend amendments to the Standing Orders.

– Conduct training with the bridge Officers to enhance their understanding of the ECDIS operation including among other things, route planning / execution and chart updates.

Other courses

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